Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Kabutri_Ni_Style_Gujrati Comedy Video

Kabutri Ni Style_ Gujrati Comedy Web Series

Kabutri And Popat Is Comedy Webseries of Gujarat.This Is Very Famous Comedy Webseries in Gujarat.Kabutri and Popat Character his Original Name is Dhaval Domadiya and Ajay Parmar.Kabutri And Popat Concept and Written By Dhaval Domadiya. Kabutri And Popat is Many Character Play's in Gujrati Comedy Couple.
.This Comedy Series  Real life of people show. Dhaval Domadiya play's Ladies  Character.
Dhaval Domadiya (Kabutri) is many Characters play's in this comedy webseries. So his VeryTelented Comedy Person. Ajay Parmar (Popat) Is Also Comedy Telented Person.


 Dhaval Domadiya
Ajay Parmar

Story Written by

Dhaval Domadiya

Download Link :


Download Link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B28X6gRb366beUR2QU1FTHZBMVk/view?usp=sharing


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